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Molotov Brothers Series

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The Reluctant King: Molotov Brothers, Book 1

Raised as an errand boy for the Bratva in St. Petersburg, I learned young to keep my mouth shut and my ears and eyes open. The Kuznetsov family became the only family I ever knew.
When I was brought to the Boss’ attention, I knew it was because of my loyalty and brutality. Artem needed a man with no further hope of advancement, who would willingly serve as a role model and advisor for his only legitimate son, Josef.

My earliest memories were of being tormented by my brother.
My earliest lessons encompassed what my husband would someday expect of me.
Raised in a palace, I watched each of my sisters forced to marry at my father’s whim. I became his favorite, hoping one day he would be merciful when choosing my husband.
I admit I am spoiled and when I knew what I wanted, I defied everyone – even Vadim – to get my way.

Now, we just need to find a way through this without being killed.

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