His Touch


The past decade, I’ve seen the darkest side of humanity.


My team and I have immersed ourselves in that world for revenge. Pure and simple. In tracking my adversary, a ray of light crosses my path. My enemy’s daughter.


Sadie’s father never bothered with her, her mother provided a place to live but little else. From the moment I saw her photo, I was ready to give her everything.


I tell myself that I’ll never touch her without her permission. That I’ll stick to the shadows.


But I’m not that strong.


The feel of her hand in mine erases all my good intentions. I’ll have her at any cost. This isn’t love at first sight.


This is out and out obsession.

Releases October 10, 2020

The only chance a bastard from the slums of St. Petersburg has is to join the Bratva, but there's only so far that will take Vadim and he accepts that.

At least until Natalia, a Bratva princess, uses her mind, and body, to help him ascend the throne.

An excerpt of this book is part of TNTNYC's 2020 Mobbed Up Anthology.


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