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His Touch eCover.jpg

His Touch


The past decade, I’ve seen the darkest side of humanity.


My team and I have immersed ourselves in that world for revenge. Pure and simple. In tracking my adversary, a ray of light crosses my path. My enemy’s daughter.


Sadie’s father never bothered with her, her mother provided a place to live but little else. From the moment I saw her photo, I was ready to give her everything.


I tell myself that I’ll never touch her without her permission. That I’ll stick to the shadows.


But I’m not that strong.


The feel of her hand in mine erases all my good intentions. I’ll have her at any cost. This isn’t love at first sight.


This is out and out obsession.


Kal (Rogue Enforcers Novella)


Dragged kicking and screaming into the Rogue Enforcers, Kal Redding might respect and appreciate the others in the loosely formed group but that doesn't mean he'll give up his self-imposed isolation for any of them.

While some shifters may have gifts that make others envious, his so-called gift shows him how those he'll care about will die. He's struggled with it since before he even knew he was a shifter but when he's finally has a vision of a complete stranger's death--he races to save her.

Melissa's day unexpectedly ends with being thrown off a cliff and in the coming days her blinders to creatures that inhabit the world around her are ripped away. Accepting the fact that she's a rare breed herself, takes a little more convincing.

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The Weight of Blood


Luck will only get you so far.

As a child, I was lucky the day Roman Prescott invited me over for dinner - and more so when his family opened their home to me, nearly raising me as one of their own.
At the end of the day, I really only understood one way of life, and as much as it hurt, I made a clean break of things.

I'm Vince Dalton: a hitman, con man, and thief. Except, I didn't commit the murder that just bought me a life sentence.

I respect my old friend and all he stands for, but I've met the love of my life and there's not a force on Earth that'll stop me from growing old with Cassie.

But such is the weight of blood.

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