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The Royal Bastards MC: Flagstaff Chapter


Axel: Royal Bastards MC - Flagstaff Chapter (Book 1)

I’ve been in and out of trouble most of my life so I should have known better.
Her curves screamed trouble, but one look in her eyes told me how innocent she was.
Even after she was taken.
Tormented by her captors.
Our paths were never meant to cross, just like the secrets of her past were not supposed to be exposed.
By some miracle, she’s returned to me and I brand her immediately.
I’ll fight for her like I've fought for everything else in this life.
With the Royal Bastards backing us up, she’s not getting away from me twice.


Declan: Royal Bastards MC: Flagstaff Chapter (Book 2)

I knew Jenna was in over her head when she came to me looking for work.
Then she made the deadly mistake of stealing ten large from my chapter of the Royal Bastards and running.
I covered it.
It was me she was going to repay every dime of that money to.
Just as soon as I found her.

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