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The Royal Bastards MC: Flagstaff Chapter


Axel: Royal Bastards MC - Flagstaff Chapter (Book 1)

I’ve been in and out of trouble most of my life so I should have known better.
Her curves screamed trouble, but one look in her eyes told me how innocent she was.
Even after she was taken.
Tormented by her captors.
Our paths were never meant to cross, just like the secrets of her past were not supposed to be exposed.
By some miracle, she’s returned to me and I brand her immediately.
I’ll fight for her like I've fought for everything else in this life.
With the Royal Bastards backing us up, she’s not getting away from me twice.


Declan: Royal Bastards MC: Flagstaff Chapter (Book 2)

I knew Jenna was in over her head when she came to me looking for work.
Then she made the deadly mistake of stealing ten large from my chapter of the Royal Bastards and running.
I covered it.
It was me she was going to repay every dime of that money to.
Just as soon as I found her.

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Diesel: Royal Bastards MC: Flagstaff Chapter (Book 3)
Hot on the trail of a major human trafficking ring, Diesel sinks deeper and deeper into the darkness of that world the more he unearths the digital footprints of those responsible for the kidnapping and death of members of his MC Family.
CoCo dances in the MC's club and while sparks flew the moment she met Diesel, she senses the toll his work is taking on him and will stop at nothing to pull him back from the edge.

Snowed In: Royal Bastards MC: Flagstaff Chapter (Book 4) Holiday Surprise
The Flagstaff Chapter's President is a rough Alpha, through and through, but not when it comes to his Ol' Lady.
Between figuring out fatherhood while helping to raise her little brother, Declan struggles to maintain his unflappable, gruff exterior on a daily basis.
He knows Jenna wants to get married and decides if he's going to do it, it'll be done big and on his terms.

Wolfman: Royal Bastards MC: Flagstaff Chapter (Book 5) 
While Wolfman's favorite hobby might be torturing the Flagstaff Chapters' enemies set to nursery rhymes, life takes an interesting turn when he falls for a nun.
Neither can deny the heat that flares between them but will their secrets destroy them or bring them closer?

Throttle: Royal Bastards MC: Flagstaff Chapter (Book 6) 
After burying unexpected enemies, the Flagstaff's Royal Bastards refocus on exposing the traffickers that have been on their radar.
Unfortunately, their efforts have been noticed and the powerful men behind the organization have laid breadcrumbs leading back to the RBMC.
It's Agent Delany's big break to work undercover and infiltrate The Office, little did she expect that her cover would be blown before her first day waitressing, and by none other than her childhood crush.

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