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Jasper: Northern Grizzlies MC (Book 1)


Escalating tensions between rival MCs don't leave time for much else; but when Fate throws Emma in his path, Jasper knows his life will get more complicated. He can live with that. 

When my childhood was destroyed, The Northern Grizzlies become my family.
Rising quickly through their ranks, I made President and that is the only thing I care about.
Until the night I find her body on the side of the road.
Can I hold on tight enough for the two of us?

After half my family is killed in an accident, I'm betrayed and battered by the only people left in my life.
Escaping the only home I've ever known, I head towards the coast; hoping to disappear.
My body isn't as strong as my will, and when I wake in his arms; my will is nearly all I left.
That and overwhelming shame.

Flint: Northern Grizzlies MC (Book 2)


When the semi-retired Chairman of the Grizzlies returns to town after a summer away, Rowansville’s newest resident sparks a fire in him that he hasn’t felt in years. She’s perfect for him, if only she would realize it.

I’ve done my time with the MC and this town. 
I step back, handing the Grizzlies over to Jasper and hit the road for a while.
Coming home, I find one of my side-businesses has a new partner. 
One look at her and I want her as my partner, alright. Lifetime partner, that is.
I’m old enough to enjoy the chase, it’s the wait that’s pissing me off.

I waited decades to find my husband then lost him too soon.
I won’t go through that again, but a woman has needs.
The only man around here who does it for me wants a commitment.
I think I can outrun Flint, it’s the skeleton in my closet that may catch me though.
What’s that old saying, “If it’s not one thing, it’s another?”
His skeletons come for me also…

Gunner: Northern Grizzlies MC (Book 3)

Scarred from the battlefield. 
I ride, fight, and fuck alongside my Brothers in the Northern Grizzlies.
Until the day I see her and her anguish cuts away all I've become.
She's too young for me yet, but I make sure she knows she'll belong to me.
Then she stands up to me and I'm absolutely hooked.
Even after I find out who her parents are, and what that'll mean to my MC.

Poor little rich girl. I know that's what everyone thinks when they look at me.
Not him though. Not the giant who towered above me when I finally had a meltdown.
He saw me in that moment and the loneliness in my soul started to ease.
I don't care about our age difference. I don't care that he's scarred inside and out.
I only care about the day I can become his, the day I turn eighteen.

Charlie: Northern Grizzlies MC (Book 4)

Without any family and looking for a fresh start, Charlie takes a chance on a small town, hours from where she grew up. She quickly catches the eye of not one, but two Northern Grizzlies; what’s a girl to do? 

In the Army, I met my closest friend; we share everything.
Through the MC, I found a Brotherhood. 
My garage gives me purpose and fills me with satisfaction. Until recently. 
Now, I want more; and I know Jake wants the same thing.
Is it really so bad that we want to share?
I know we’d give the right woman anything, 
but can we protect her from the judgment she’ll face?

I may not talk much, but I don’t miss much either.
The day of my high school graduation, I walked away from my family’s expectations;

tossing the silver spoon aside. 
After years in the Army and out here with the Grizzlies; I have all I need.
Or I did. Now a family is all I want anymore. 
Charlie is everything Connal and I ever wanted; but can she accept us?

One by one, my family was taken from me. Leaving the foster system, 
I turned to the only profession I knew anything about.
Hell! Why does everyone always think that?! 
I’m a mechanic. Not a stripper. Not a hooker.

Michaels: Northern Grizzlies MC
(Book 5)


Rowansville's Sheriff Michaels has more than his share of issues with the Northern Grizzlies MC. In this latest installment, a biker's sister rolls into town and he has to seriously consider his rule of not dating from his voting pool.

With increasing pressure from the Governor's office to tear the Grizzlies apart plus a murder investigation looming, I never imagined there would be an even bigger threat to my sanity.
She's short, curvy, sassy, and her brother is in the MC.

Showing up on my brother's doorstep only to find his best friend opening the door in his boxers with my sister-in-law right behind him, threw me into a tailspin.
Next, I have to learn to navigate the small town gossip-mill, my new job, and the incredibly sexy Sheriff who’s in hot pursuit.
But of me or my trust fund? I’ve been burned before.

Betsy: Northern Grizzlies MC (Book 6)
The story is JUST beginning when the Northern Grizzlies' head Girlie becomes an Ol' Lady, much to the surprise of the man who had brought her into the clubhouse years ago.

The Vice President of the Northern Grizzlies brought me into the club to be one of their Girlies and I would have followed him anywhere. Instead, I had to find a way to make the clubhouse my home without whoring myself out and as time went on, I got over Vice.
While I had been wasting time with him, there was another man – watching me from the wings and waiting for me.
Our time has finally come, I find myself pinching myself and daring to hope that everything I’ve ever wanted is within reach.

Club whores never did it for me and I don’t know what it was about her that caught my eye. Her shyness and backbone were definitely a different combination around the clubhouse. I soon found myself searching the bar until I saw her but waited until I saw her giving up on Vice. 
Giving her the family she dreams of comes with some hurdles, including eluding my father.
shade rough.jpg

Shade: Northern Grizzlies MC (Book 7)

It’s interesting, being the guy in the room that makes everyone else nervous. 
They’re still my Brothers. We ride, drink, and play cards together but no one wants to hear about what it is I do. Even if my jobs bring in a nice chunk of change for the Northern Grizzlies every month.
I never minded my life. Not until that night she and I crossed paths on the road. Good girls like her don’t need shit like me dragging them down, so I walked away the next day.
I tatted her nickname on my hand. Now, it feels like a brand and when my past rears its head, I’m forced to make some changes. I step back and regroup, but the memories of our few short hours together still haunt me. 
If our paths ever cross again, I swear I’ll remind her how hot that night was and I won’t let her go.

Shade was honest with me the night we met. I knew we only had the night. The next morning was a bonus.
So was the surprise he left me.

Royce: Northern Grizzlies MC Book 8

Molly is new in Rowansville and trying to fulfill her dreams as she tries to learn more about her mother's past. She was told early on that 'the Northern Grizzlies own the town' - which is quickly proven to be true when she crosses them.

Royce's troubles have long been of his own making, but when he falls, he falls hard. Hold on tight as Molly and Royce learn to make peace with their pasts and figure out what a perfect love would look like.

Please note: This book is set in 2019, set along the same timeline as Shade (Book 7). Book 9 jumps to 2023/24.

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